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To coincide with the the football World Cup, iERA is kicking off its BIGGEST ever World Dawah Campaign – ‘What’s Your Goal?’. 
Through this work we hope to inspire millions of people to get involved in dawah and plant those seeds.
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What’s your goal

Join our global dawah campaign!

The 22nd Football World Cup will kick off in Qatar. For an entire month the world’s eyes will be fixed on this event, becoming the topic of impassioned discussions in homes, schools, workplaces, restaurants, on street corners, well…everywhere you can think of!
Anything and everything football is in during this period – even those that don’t like football will get caught up in the frenzy! From special offers for pizzas, to decidedly bizarre advertising, everyone will be riding the wave.
But, with all the euphoria and joy, there will also be sorrow as teams exit the tournament and people return to the humdrum routine of daily life. Maybe many considering that there must be more to life than this?
Imagine if a small seed could be planted in the minds of the masses, which in time could grow...prompting them to consider their true goal in life.

To coincide with the the football World Cup, iERA is kicking off its BIGGEST ever World Dawah Campaign – ‘What’s Your Goal?’

The campaign aims to motivate Muslims to get involved in dawah in a warm and friendly way, hopefully planting that seed to get people to ponder their true purpose in life.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:
“Whoever guides (another) to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.”

The WYG campaign will include:

  • 100+ countries registered to take part in dawah over the world cup period from the UK to Australia and everywhere in between!
  • A World Dawah Day on with teams from across all continents participating in dawah training and activities. 
  • ​On the ground teams in Qatar sharing Islam with over 2,000,000 guess visiting during the tournament. 

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